Saturday, January 30, 2010

Holidays over.

Yes - holiday time is over!

This week we made lamingtons in honour of Australia Day from scratch!  I had never done it before so wasn't sure how they would turn out but they tasted just like bakery ones (gotta love packet cake mixes).  Sebastian was my chief mixer, dipper and sprinkler and did a great job.

Tony and Sebastian went back to school this week.  Hard to believe my little man is now in year 1.
Here he is heading off to school on his first day - wonky sock and all :)

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are settling back into routine well.
I've actually managed to get some scrapping done lately so will share that soon...

Take care 'til next time.


  1. Those lamingtons looks delish Nic :-) Sebastian looks like such a big boy and ready for another year of school, xoxo

  2. Yummo...lamingtons!!
    Your little man looks so grown up, Nic!
    I hope he enjoyed his first day!