Saturday, May 15, 2010 puffs

Well Charlotte is growing so fast...and so is her hair.  With all those gorgeous curls it is starting to get a bit on wild side.  So I decided to have a go at making a few hair clips for her.  I pulled out some left-over fabric and tried a few flower 'puff' designs.  Mum had given me a few buttons that you can cover with fabric so I had a go at fabric covered buttons too.  I had crocheted some flowers a while ago so they were not safe either. 

Here are some of the results...

 And being modelled by the lovely Charlotte...

I have never (ever) been much of a girly-girl but having a girl after two boys I think may have mellowed me somewhat. I am loving making all these little girly things.

Thanks for looking......take care!


  1. Gorgeous clips and a gorgeous girl too :-)

  2. just gorgeous Nic.....I was a bit the same when I had Kait after having the boys - I went a bit over the top on all things girlie.
    Miss Charlotte looks gorgeous and oh....those curls :)

  3. How cute is your daughter and the hair clips are just precious... I bet she now has one to match every item of clothing in her closet. LOL!
    Melinda :)

  4. Just gorgeous hairclips, Nic!!
    Miss Charlotte is growing up very fast!!

    I know the's fun having a girl, hey??

    Chelle Xx

  5. That is so cute! Your darling Daughter is beautiful too!