Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shirt revamp #1

So while out and about shopping for some affordable kids clothes, I came across two of these shirts at $2 each.

Great price - the only trouble was they seemed just a little dull...  so I decided I would jazz them up a little!

I got out my fabric paint and went in search of some stamps (thanks tan!).  I was going for a grungy look so I found a cross-hatch stamp and stamped with some watered-down black fabric paint.  I also splattered some paint with my paintbrush and squeezed the paintbrush for the larger droplets.

My son has wanted a 'Team Amber' shirt for a while so I grabbed my old foam alphabet stamps 

and started stamping TEAM when tragedy struck!! I stamped the E back-to-front......aaaaaaargh!

I could have gone for a funky 'I meant to do that' look but I think it would have looked strange so I ended up painting and splattering over it then re-stamping the right way around.

To do the 'Amber' text I wanted a hand-written type of text so I found a font I liked and printed out the text from my computer.

On the back of some cotton material, I ironed some Vliesofix  (Bondaweb) just bigger than my text and transferred the writing to it (reversed).  Then cut it out...

I then peeled off the backing and ironed it onto the shirt.

 Then stitched around the outline.

All done...xxxooo

Just like a bought one  :)

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