Friday, November 30, 2012

Teacher gifts and Post-It-Note Holder tutorial

I'm in the process of sorting out my teacher gifts for this year, and realised I haven't shared the gifts I made for the kids teachers last year.

So here they are...

For Sebastian's teacher, I made a personalised notebook cover.

With a hand-written note inside...

For Nathaniel's pre-school teachers, I made some cookies in a jar.

and for his Early Intervention teacher, I made some note holders...

I've made a few of the Post-It-Note Holders for the kids teachers this year and thought I'd share a how to...

Post-It-Note Holder tutorial

Step 1.  Cut cardstock and patterned papers.
(I've used co-ordinating patterned papers for this holder but you can use a photo, get your child to draw a picture or write a note...)
  • Cardstock - 3¼  x 7 inches.
  • Patterned paper front - 3 x 3 inches
  • Patterned paper inside - 3 x 3 inches

Step 2.   Score (fold the cardstock) at 3¼ and 3¾ inches.  This creates the centre spine.

Step 3.  Attach the front patterned paper to... well the front of the holder.  I used double-sided tape but you could use whatever adhesive you have on hand.

Step 4.  Flip over to the inside of the holder and attach the second patterned paper.

Step 5.  Attach the Post-It-Note stack to the bottom part of the holder.

Step 6.  Attach a ribbon (or string).  The length I used was approx. 17 inches but just estimate. I've added some double-sided tape to the ribbon where it touches the inside of the holder to make sure it doesn't slip off.

Wrap and secure with a knot then tie a bow and trim ends.

You can leave it like this or you can...

Step 7.  Attach a sentiment to the front. 

All done!!  Let me know if you have any questions.

I've got some other things I'm making which I'll share as soon as they have been given to their teachers. 
Happy creating!!

Do you give teacher gifts??  Any good ideas you'd like to share?

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