Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well Charlotte's 1st birthday is coming up very soon and so I got to thinking I might have a go at making her birthday cake or some cupcakes for it - so yesterday I made up a batch of cupcakes and decided to have a trial run.

I have always wanted to try making the little edible roses so off I went and came up with these...

Still needs some practise but not too bad for a first timer (I thought anyway).

I had been to a wedding expo last weekend and saw some embossed cupcakes and thought what a great idea - so I got out my cuttlebug embossing folders, some stamps (all freshly cleaned of course), cookie cutters and some ready-made icing and got experimenting.

and here's the results.....

I love how they turned out and they were so much fun to make.

Will definitely be making some for Charlotte's birthday!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Omg Nic! These are cute as! Bet they tasted great too :)
    What type of icing was it?

  2. Hi Liz!! Great to 'see'you - I just used the Orchard ready to use White Icing. You can see a bit of the packet in the top pic - thanks for looking...xxxooo

  3. Gorgeous cup cakes Nic - I love them!