Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Well yesterday Charlotte celebrated her 1st birthday.
Had a lovely time visiting Nanna Flo (who was celebrating her 89th birthday) in the morning.
Nan and Ma came over and we all had lunch together.
We had a family dinner that night with Aunty Nomes, Grandma, Damo, Annissa, Nan & Pop and the rest of us.
She so enjoyed her big day - she went to sleep as soon as her head hit the mattress.
Here are some pics of her day...

Nan and I made the cake - well it was mostly Nan I only made the teddy bear and the roses from icing. It didn't last too long anyway...

Take care ...


  1. That cake looks devine! Looks like Charlotte had a great birthday :-)

  2. Happy Birthday! What a gorgeous birthday girl Charlotte is! :) You did a fantastic job with her cake too! :D

  3. Thank you Sarah & Milton! I really do appreciate your lovely comments :) I've become a bit cake decorating mad lately and have recently decorated some baby shower cupcakes which I will be posting up soon. Thanks again...xxxooo

  4. Happy birthday Charlotte, Wow you did unreal with the cake, love it lots clever you!

    luv tanXx