Friday, July 6, 2012

NCKBM card making step by step

Today I'm sharing a card I made for the North Coast Kids and Babies Market.  Market organisers Liz and Anna asked me if I wanted to run a kids craft activity for their first ever market and I of course said YES!

I needed a really simple activity that preschool children could do so I went to my favourite super simple card sketch...

 and tweaking that sketch, made this one...

and ended up with these mini cards!

The kids seemed to really enjoy creating their cards so I thought I would make a step by step tutorial for those who would like to make more at home, so here we go...

STEP 1.  Fold the card.  
Take the white piece of card and fold it in half, this will be your card base.

STEP 2.  Reveal card design.
Choose one of the coloured pieces of card that has a raised pattern on it. 

Use the sandpaper to rub over the raised part until the white design shows through.

STEP 3. Attach string.
Remove the double-sided tape backing on the back of the coloured card - but don't stick it to the card base yet! 

Take one of the long pieces of string and secure to the tape on one side.  Wrap string around front of card then stick to the tape on the other side.  Loop back around the front of the card and finish where you started.

STEP 4. Tie a knot.
Now you can attach the coloured card to the card base.  Using the finished card picture as a placement guide, tie the short piece of string around the string you've just wrapped across the card - just place the short string under the long string pieces...

and tie a knot.

STEP 5.  Attach the sentiment.
Choose a sentiment wording, turn it over and remove the double-sided tape backing.  Stick it down onto the card.

STEP 6.  Attach the embellishment.
Take a small foam square, peel off the backing and attach to the shaped embellishment (in this case the butterfly or flower).

Peel off the backing then place onto the card.
All done!!

If you want to recreate this at home but are thinking I don't have any of that fancy coloured embossed paper - you can use any patterned paper, wrapping paper or get the kids to draw stamp patterns or draw a picture.

Here's an example of the card using patterned paper.

If you are on the NSW North Coast on the 21st July, drop in to the next North Coast Kids and Babies Market in Lennox Head where I will be demonstrating a FREE craft activity for the kids.......can't wait!

Happy creating!!

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